At the age of 13 she wins her first prize with the Italian association Lega Navale, this helps her a lot to believe more in herself and in her photos. She starts to experiment photography in its entirety, passing from the gastronomy to the fashion, becoming more and more aware of her love for documentary photography. Capturing the thousand wacky situations that happen on a normal day fills her with adrenaline. Is invaded by the desire to discover new everyday life’s, new scenes, new places. She begins to emigrate.

At the age of 20 she moves to Spain, then to South America and then to Central America. Various trips to Africa open her mind and change her vision of the world. For a period she settled in Spain where she currently has her base and a studio together with a collective of artists. The inspiring situation has led her to take up one of her passions, teaching, in the last few years. Prepare workshops and courses in documentary photography. Become a human rights activist and carry out various photographic projects in some indigenous communities of Panama and Costa Rica.

She then moves to the conflict zone of Palestine and Israel, the latter journey will inspire her to carry out an exhibition experiment using a manual technique of transfer for printing on recycled materials. Currently she continues her freelance career, always looking for new projects and new stories to tell with her personal vision.


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